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Sentimental journey to lower service levels, higher taxes, and lost independence.

I attended the campaign forum last evening with both Ken Bradley and David Strong making their case. Ken Bradley is a good man who needs to hone his message of rational, positive, professional leadership. David Strong is lost in his emotions.

I was simultaneously touched and troubled by David Strong’s teary eyed reading of a letter from his father, a former Winter Park Mayor, delineating the responsibility each generation of residents has to nurture our city. True, but not sufficient.

David Strong’s commitment comes not from a passion for leadership but from a deep well of sympathy and sentiment. Our problem is that sympathy and sentiment are not foundation for rational policy.

David Strong’s sympathy and sentiment are at the core of the rampant imposition of draconian policies that each of us will pay for, dearly. He has indulged every loud voice in earshot, bowing to all manner of extreme policies proffered by citizens with little or no experience or proven judgment, while steadfastly (and falsely) claiming himself the bastion of ethical behavior and true Winter Park character.

David Strong’s sympathy and sentiment are at the core of the dogma and devisiveness that characterize recent Winter Park politics. There is no debate on the issues. If you are not “for” David Strong you are not “for” Winter Park. Dangerous dogma indeed.

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