And the winner is…. Ken Bradley.

Ken Bradley won the Winter Park Mayor’s seat today with a vote count of 3400 Bradley to 3016 Strong.

I do not offer condolences to the loser. I believe David Strong was wrong for Winter Park and am pleased we will now have the chance to face the our city’s many challenges with a more rational, positive, and professional focus.

As much as I disagreed with David Strong’s priorities and policies I came to respect the man for his willingness to serve. I only learned this by running for office myself and coming to understand the vagaries and challenges involved. It is not easy to run for office nor is it easy to govern.

So, it is time to move forward. (Boy that sounds refreshing!)

The City of Winter Park faces some serious financial challenges that must be dealt with promptly, positively, and perhaps with some pain.

We also need to assess the negative aspects of the isolationist and control oriented regulations imposed under the Strong regime and make appropriate changes.

Finally, we need to refresh our city boards with the brightest and best Winter Park has to offer. If you wish to serve just fill out the form.

3 Responses to And the winner is…. Ken Bradley.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Many thanks to you, Pete. You offered an alternative source of information that helped change the tide.
    Speaking of city boards, Mayor Marchman used to listen to all commissioners when appointing citizens to boards. He gave each commissioner a chance to appoint citizes. I believe this stopped under Mayor Strong. I think it will strengthen boards and help decision-making if we return to this inclusive custom.

    Thanks again for your willingness to get involved. There is a lesson here for all the cynics (me) who thought unseating an incumbent was almost impossible. And this can translate to bigger campaigns, too.

  2. Tom Colman says:

    Peter, this is a great victory for Winter Park. We are all in your debt for helping Bradley achieve this win. This has been a sad time for those who believe in responsible progress.

  3. The board appointment process is an important one. I suggest you make your recommendation directly to Ken Bradley.