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Winter Park Election – 2010

It is my hope the voters of Winter Park will fully understand what they are voting for when they mark their ballots in the March 9th election.

This election is about:

Click the links above to learn more about these issues.

Given the realities we face (see: Winter Park Realities – No Need to Fear) and the candidates, I see the consequences of this election as follows:

A vote for Carolyn Cooper, Tom McMacken, and Charter Amendment #10 will:

  • Kill our commuter rail stop.
  • Chase redevelopment opportunities out of town (some of which we will want).
  • Deter new businesses from choosing Winter Park.
  • Transfer tax burden to homeowners.
  • Increase taxes.
  • Decrease city services.
  • Allow a minority to veto changes to a flawed city master plan.

A vote for David Lamm, for Peter Gottfried, and NO on Charter Amendment #10 will:

  • Secure our commuter rail stop.
  • Allow us to consider redevelopment that will contribute to our city and quality of life.
  • Encourage new businesses to choose Winter Park.
  • Transfer tax burden to commercial properties.
  • Hold the line on tax increases.
  • Increase city services.
  • Allow democratic process for changes to our city master plan.

People in our city who are afraid of change have used their majority on the City Commission for the past two years to impose and now propose, ironically, the most sweeping changes in governance in our history. Despite what this group of people insists, no one is threatening our parks, our lakes, our trees, our bike paths, our neighborhoods or our charming downtown. The efforts of this group actually, rather than protect our city’s assets, put those very assets at risk along with our ability to maintain and improve the high standards and quality of life we strive for and enjoy.

Long time collaborators Carolyn Cooper and Beth Dillaha have worked for years to impose this extreme agenda on Winter Park, an agenda that will isolate us from commuter rail and transfer significant tax burdens to the residents through their overreaching city master plan that severely deters opportunities for redevelopment in the commercial areas of our city. Cooper and Dillaha are also the primary authors and supporters of the super majority referendum (Charter Amendment #10) that if approved would give a minority veto power over changes to the flawed master plan. Tom McMacken also supports both the flawed master plan and the super majority referendum.

David Lamm and Peter Gottfried are reasoned professionals with extensive prior executive experience and decades long commitment to Winter Park. David Lamm has served on the Planning and Zoning Commission as well as both the Comprehensive Plan and Architectural Review Task Forces. Peter Gottfried served as our City Commissioner for 10 years and on City boards since then. These leaders have the proven experience and careful judgment required for the job of City Commissioner. I trust them to support responsible Winter Park participation in commuter rail, a reasoned city master plan, and to provide sound governance.

More than ever, we need to elect reasoned professionals to ensure a vital, viable future for Winter Park.

I am voting

  • NO on Amendment #10 (Super Majority referendum).

Please vote by mail (call 407 836-2070) or at the polls on March 9th.

Sincerely, Pete Weldon
700 Via Lombardy
Winter Park, FL 32789
Phone: (407) 645-1002

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