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Attention Winter Park Commercial Property Owners

April 20, 2010

It is my understanding that Winter Park commercial property owners have until May 14, 2010 to question the impact of the city’s Comprehensive Plan on their property values and uses.

Changes have also been made in the Land Development Code for both commercial and residential properties that warrant your review as a property owner.

As a result of the severe restrictions and controls added to the latest Comprehensive Plan several property owners are requesting a “Tolling” agreement with the city that extends this time period for appeal and review by one year on a property by property basis. You may wish to also take action to request a tolling agreement.

Here is a list of some of the properties whose owners are requesting the “Tolling” agreement:

1150 Solana Avenue
501-549 N. Virginia Avenue
310 – 326 S. Park Avenue
600 N. Knowles Avenue
348-356 S. Park Avenue
111-119 E, Lyman Avenue
540 W. Fairbanks Avenue
860 W. Fairbanks Avenue
1221 Minnesota Avenue
669 Orange Avenue
671 Holt Avenue
650 Capen Avenue
745 Holt Avenue
711 W. Fairbanks Avenue
555 S. Capen Avenue
720 Orange Avenue
745 Orange Avenue
750 Orange Avenue
761 Orange Avenue
358 N. Park Avenue
1227 N. Orlando Avenue
250 S. Park Avenue
135 E. New England Avenue
150 E. Welbourne Avenue
1150 N. Orlando Avenue
710 W. Fairbanks Avenue
202-206 S. Park Avenue
330-336 S. Park Avenue
500 S. Park Avenue
102 N. Park Avenue
110-112 N. Park Avenue
127 W. Fairbanks Avenue
967 Cherokee Avenue
425 W. Canton Avenue
800 W. Comstock Avenue
809 W. Comstock Avenue
736 W. Comstock Avenue
906 W. Fairbanks Avenue
643 N. Orange Avenue
135 N. Knowles Avenue
162 N. Knowles Avenue
805 W. Fairbanks Avenue
872 W. Comstock Avenue
882 West Comstock Avenue
850 Via Lugano
860 Via Lugano
158 E. New England Avenue
400 W. Morse Blvd.

You can review the “Tolling” agreement under consideration related to these properties in the Agenda Packet for the upcoming City Commission meeting on April 26, 2010.

I offer this information as a citizen who has expressed concerns about the recently changed Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code.

If you own commercial property in the City of Winter Park it is in your interest to understand the impact of the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code on your property.

Regards, Pete Weldon

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