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The End is Near

August 26, 2010

It has taken several years and much effort to wake the people of Winter Park to the reality that righteous nonsense, lies, and hypocrisy are not a substitute for experienced judgment and leadership. Many more citizens are beginning to recognize the reality.

Purveyors of divisive prattle in Winter Park are revealing themselves.

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Craig Miller finances Bridges and Dillaha character assassination.

The facts can be found here.

Please help as we seek honorable, experienced, and capable people to serve our city in the March 2011 city commission election. Talk to your neighbors, talk to former city leaders, help our city recruit the best possible leaders. I welcome the chance to support, encourage, and work with those qualified and willing to serve.

Regards, Pete Weldon

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2 Responses

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  1. Fuzzy Math says

    If only Mrs. Diebel could be convinced to seek her old seat! The idea of the former Commissioner replacing her attacker is so delicious it must be fattening!

    That said, I agree that Commissioner Dillaha and her cabal’s days of bullying may be nearing their end. I’ve heard grumblings among those who were once energized by (or at least open to) her campaign messages, and outright howls from others who have dared cross her path. Of interest of late has been the mentions of her in the local media; while beforehand it seemed only the politically wonkish took note of her leadership “style,” her radical and completely out-of-touch agenda is more available now for the citizenry to digest.

    I do sincerely hope that a worthy candidate emerges. Should that comes to pass, he or she can can count on the support of me and many, many like me; citizens and friends of this city eager for a return to competent leadership and civil intercourse.

  2. Pitt Warner says

    Since the job is part-time, I’d like to see someone run who has a job. Employment gives a commissioner an appreciation for business ethics and promotes collegiality and respect. A working commissioner also keeps the job in perspective and prevents someone from becoming a regulator or in the worst cases, petty bureaucrats. My first question when I hear any candidate is running is, “what do they do for a living”?

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