Congratulations to Steve Leary and Greg Seidel

Congratulations to Mayor Steve Leary and Commissioner Greg Seidel. We now have two young, professional leaders on the Winter Park city commission.

Let us all give them our respect and patient consideration as they assume responsibility with our other commission members in setting and following through on policy matters important to the management and leadership of Winter Park.

Leary and Seidel offer us a fresh and thoughtful perspective that will in my opinion provide us with sound policy decisions. Both are objective thinkers who base their judgments on relevant facts. This can only be good for Winter Park.

Regards, Pete Weldon


2 Responses to Congratulations to Steve Leary and Greg Seidel

  1. Tree Sap says:

    Thanks Pete for your insight during the campaign, and for providing this forum for voters to ask questions and share their views.

  2. don van dingenen says:

    Good work Pete for creating a platform where facts and ideas are presented in such an intelligent manner, your work has contributed to winter park greatly.
    Best, Don Van dingenen