Home Rule, Not Tallahassee Rule

February 16, 2018

Fellow Winter Park Residents,

Your city commission unanimously approved this letter from the city manager asking you to contact members of the state legislature. Your simple statement to our legislators asking them to “preserve home rule” and “do not preempt our community’s authority to determine rules most appropriate for Winter Park” will be a powerful voice of the people.

Last year, the legislature imposed a rule that allows any wireless telecommunications company to place poles anywhere in our right of ways [see (7)(a)]. This year they want to tell us when to hold our elections, limit our Community Redevelopment Agency, limit our ability to manage our tree canopy, and tell us now to manage short term rentals (AirBNB).

Please read the city manager’s letter and contact our representatives and tell them you want Home Rule, not Tallahassee Rule.

Best Regards, Pete Weldon
Vice Mayor

4 Responses to Home Rule, Not Tallahassee Rule

  1. Hattie Wolfe says:

    I Harriet(Hattie) F. Wolfe ask you to preserve home rule, do not preempt WINTER PARK’S authority to determine rules most appropriate for our community.

  2. Pete:

    It would be helpful to include in your Email, the House/Senate name of the bill, and the bill # so that those state legislators that are typically clueless would at least be able to quickly and effortlessly know what we are referring to when we contact them.

  3. Lets not forget that the State also allows a property owner to operate an Assisted Living Facility business in a single family residential neighborhood. There are over 400 in the tri-county area. Read FS 419.001. If our representatives don’t want to represent us and preserve home rule, then Linda Stewart, Mike Miller and Bob Cortes need to be replaced.

  4. Budd Crossman says:

    If anyone places a pole on my property I’ll cut it down and hospitalize anyone doing so!