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Manufactured Chaos

Anne Mooney’s blog and Facebook page continue to mislead Winter Park residents. Her recent “Canopy Chaos” post is an embarrassment to our city in its bias. Ms. Mooney uses the tag line, “A Policy and Issues News Magazine.” Yet, it has nothing to do with policy, issues, and news and everything to do with politics. An accurate tag line might be, “Views for Cynical Conspiracy Theorists.”

Canopy Chaos” implies there is in fact chaos but nothing in Mooney’s post supports that conclusion and information she leaves out supports the opposite conclusion.

Mooney selectively edited the exchange between Mayor Leary and Commissioner Weaver. Our city charter states that “the mayor shall preside at meetings of the commission” that is, manage all aspects of commission meetings. We should all be troubled if Mooney does not understand this reality. If she does understand it, she is intentionally promoting discord and false narratives.

Contrary to Mooney’s characterization, Leary afforded Weaver nine minutes which he used to tell us how knowledgeable he is. Then, he got to the point. In Weaver’s opinion the project is too expensive per square foot and he asked the commission to delay the decision on moving forward with construction drawings. He never made a motion to that effect, never acknowledged the cost of starting over, and never offered any alternative. Leary offered Weaver the opportunity to make a motion at least four times and Weaver declined to do so.

Phil Anderson then asked some questions. Anderson helped finance Weaver’s campaign. Anderson’s spouse also donated to Weaver’s campaign and gives money to Anne Mooney.

All the questions Anderson raised are addressed by the commission’s continuing votes since March 2016 to move the project forward. The library board and staff, professionals engaged by the city, and city staff assume responsibility for addressing the range of issues in Anderson’s questions. Commission votes over 3 years have consistently reflected trust in the judgment of all those involved based on available facts. What evidence supports Anderson’s mistrust? None provided.

The general contractor is to commit to a “not to exceed” number once construction drawings are completed. We need to get to that point to know what the total cost will be and, if acceptable to the commission at that time, the general contractor is to assume responsibility for delivering the project within that total cost number.

Library/event center objectors including Mooney, Weaver, and Anderson add nothing to consideration of the library/event center project as they; (1) fail to respect three years of civic and civil process, (2) fail to address the consequences of further delay, and (3) fail to detail any alternative approach.

The 3 to 1 commission vote to move forward to construction drawings and a “not to exceed” total cost from the general contractor is the right decision for Winter Park.

We’ll check back in November.

As for Mooney, she continues to make clear that her voice is a disservice to our city. Let’s set a higher standard for Winter Park.

Regards, Pete Weldon

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6 Responses

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  1. Sandra Smith says

    It is my understanding that Ms. Mooney will soon embark upon a new “cause”—airport noise over Winter Park. Her solution is said to be — “move the airport”. Her actions certainly are a disservice to the City and now to the region.

  2. G. Schiele says

    Logically and accurately stated. The community has had multiple opportunities to express its will on the LIbrary issue in every possible forum — in votes, in Council actions, and unfortunately also in the courts responding to nuisance suits. At what point will the dogged nay-sayers finally recognize the communities actions and accept the decision?

  3. Ellie Warner says

    Sandra, we can only dream the No People will transfer their indefatigable, dishonest and harmful negativity to the FAA. It would be a joy to behold them jousting with that brick wall.

  4. Peggy Bohl says

    The Luddites will create another bogus agenda, when the library issue is over. I am afraid that their experience in other cities is limited. Their only ability is to whine and create disruption. Their population represents a few and, as a result, the majority are hurt and the City of Winter Park and it’s potential for positive growth is damaged.

    Thank you for your continued dedication to our community and striving to create excellence in a very special place.

  5. Dave Johnston says

    Pete–Well done and accurate as usual. With the departure of the Observer, you are the only one that will provides us with accurate and well researched information about city affairs to keep the citizens of our city well informed. The Winter Park Voice is just a political rag of the negative segment of our citizens; it should be required to be listed as a political PAC so that the citizens can see who actually is funding it and trying to mislead the residents.

  6. Terri Johannessen says

    Love the article. Thanks to Pete

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