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Three Questions

The first of two votes on the “Single Member Districts” Charter Amendment ordinance is expected this Wednesday, November 11th. Read the proposed ordinance here.

I have asked our commission members three questions related to this proposed amendment to the City Charter. Mayor Leary and Vice Mayor Cooper have responded “NO” to each of the questions. The three commission members moving this forward (DeCiccio, Weaver, and Sullivan) have yet to respond.

Click here to ask DeCiccio, Weaver, and Sullivan for their answers to these questions and let me know what they tell you:

  1. Will you vote for the single member district referendum you are moving to put on the March 2021 ballot? (If on the ballot, will you vote for it?)
  2. Did you promise any voters you would move a single member district referendum prior to your election?
  3. Do you support the expenditure of CRA funds as proposed in this agenda from those promoting a single member district referendum:

Regards, Pete Weldon
700 Via Lombardy
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  1. Pitt Warner says

    The 3 commissioners are being disingenuous. Throwing a serious, complicated issue like SMDs on to the ballot without any enthusiasm or support for educating the public, is weak. If they are this tepid towards SMDs, why waste people’s time and efforts? Once again, we can see these 3 have no concept of civic leadership. It’s revealing to me about their motives for being elected. They don’t care about good governance. They care about their pet projects and petty goals. Citizens are #2.

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