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Traffic Reality

With many residents complaining about traffic, our commission made hiring a traffic engineer a big political issue, touting this spending would improve traffic. Truth or political baloney?

Those believing we can stop cars cutting through Winter Park on state roads should listen to reality as credibly described by our recently hired city traffic engineer, Sarah Walter.

The reality is that traffic engineering in Winter Park has to be focused on pedestrian and cyclist safety as well as traffic calming to slow everything down. This is because Winter Park cannot limit or re-route tens of thousands of cars cutting through Winter Park daily.

Ms. Walter has her priorities correct. Let’s manage what we can control to prioritize public safety. We need to slow everything down, not try to help FDOT increase throughput by spending millions of Winter Park taxpayer dollars trying to change state roads. The heavy lifting is FDOT’s job.

With this reality now independently confirmed by our own professional traffic engineer, we can stop playing politics with “traffic.” Now, perhaps the commission can tell us why they spent $1,500,000 for 0.28 acres at the corner of Fairbanks and Denning, twice the market value per the Orange County Appraiser. I encourage you to ask them.

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