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DeCiccio Needs an Opponent

Our city would be well served by an experienced and sensible resident standing up to run for Mayor against Sheila DeCiccio. Click here for Winter Park election information. You have until December 11 to get your name on the March 19, 2024 ballot.

DeCiccio does not have the character, discipline, or common sense to be Mayor of Winter Park.

Shortly before her election in 2020, DeCiccio publicly supported the original Orange Avenue Overlay changes. Many residents voted for her because of her vocal support for the overlay. See this video.

Immediately after her election, DeCiccio worked out of public view to rescind the Orange Avenue Overlay, contradicting her electioneering posture. See this email. A recent judicial ruling pertaining to this matter confirms DeCiccio’s role in leading the rescission (see pages 3 to 7).

Since being elected, DeCiccio has continued to dissemble and intentionally withhold material facts on important issues. See this post.

In addition to her character flaws, DeCiccio has proven to be a spendthrift, aggressively pushing millions in spending without going through the public budgeting process. See this post. She also pushed to spend millions on meaningless land on Fairbanks, and recently voted to make a $6.3 million offer for land at Denning and Orange (which offer fortunately was not accepted). She also supported the waste of $15 million in “free” Federal money from the so-called American Rescue Act.

Finally, DeCiccio has pursued this wasteful spending in the complete absence of any credible plan or vision. She spends millions and adds to our overhead without benefiting our residents or our local businesses.

It is time for new leadership.

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