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Hypocrisy and Ethics Defined

Barack Obama – January 21, 2009

“However long we are keepers of the public trust we should never forget we are here as public servants and public service is a privilege. It is not about advantaging yourself. It is not about advancing your friends or your corporate clients. It is not about advancing an ideological agenda or the special interests of any organization. Public service is simply and absolutely about advancing the interests of Americans.”

Here are some relevant definitions:


Definition: claiming to adhere to certain moral principles or beliefs, but not actually doing so.

Synonyms: duplicity, insincerity, falseness, pretense, sanctimony.


Definition: 1. conforming to moral and ethical (honest, scrupulous) standards; 2. relating to or involving ethics.

Synonyms: moral, honest, conscientious, scrupulous, principled, upstanding.


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