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Super – Super Majority – the 80% Disaster

A majority vote of our City Commission is 3 of 5, or 60%. Charter Amendment #10 would require 4 of 5 to approve changes to our city master plan, or an 80% vote. This would be a Super – Super Majority.

Carolyn Cooper and Tom McMacken want you to give control of our city master plan to a minority of the City Commission through Charter Amendment #10. If Amendment #10 passes two City Commissioners will be able to veto any change to our city master plan. This measure was put on our March 9, 2010 ballot by a 3 to 2 vote of the City Commission. SEVEN Winter Park Mayors have spoken in opposition to Charter Amendment #10 for good reason, (1) it is bad governance and (2) it will lock future Commissions into today’s master plan while circumstances and needs are certain to change.

The Super – Super Majority voting called for by Charter Amendment #10 represents bad governance at the fundamental level of democratic process. We accept the rule of law because we know we can change the laws by a majority vote. As circumstances change and as elected officials take action we can judge whether the current laws make sense and vote people out of office in order to change the laws. Retaining laws by vote of a minority of elected officials in opposition to the wishes of a majority of elected officials (and thus by representation the wishes of a majority of voters) is not democracy, it is rule by minority.

Charter Amendment #10, if approved, would have the effect of obstructing change in Winter Park and would not protect us from anything. It would instead make it nearly impossible to increase city revenues needed to maintain and improve our quality of life.  See: Winter Park Realities – No Need to Fear.

Finally, we cannot put this Super – Super Majority voting requirement on ourselves without understanding and agreeing to the city master plan that would be subject to such restrictions to change. See: The Flawed City Master Plan.

We can ensure sound governance by voting FOR David Lamm and Peter Gottfried, and by voting NO on Super Super Majority Charter Amendment #10.

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