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Is this the behavior of a Winter Park city commissioner?

February 25, 2011

Every Winter Park voter needs to read the email exchange below before marking their ballot in the March 8 election.

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Regards, Pete Weldon


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  1. Anonymous says

    Please post the email about soccer coaches and football coaches having confrontations at Lake Island Park. Very revealing about Bonnie Jackson’s preferred method of communication. I would describe it as aggressive.

  2. Pete Weldon says

    I believe the point has been made…. numerous times. If the people of Winter Park don’t know what kind of actor Bonnie Jackson is when they cast their vote it is not for lack of effort on my part. If they choose to vote for her anyway that is their right.

  3. michael palumbo says

    Bonnie Jackson is a very mean spirited and hateful person in my experience with her. I am disabled and use the dog park. I brought to her attention that the park is not easily accessible to the handicapped and is in violation of the A.D.A. No handicapped parking, entrance has roots sticking up so high that users in wheelchairs almost tip over, no handicapped restrooms, She LAUGHED at me and asked me ” Do you think Yellow Stone Park of the Grand Canyon are handicapped accessible?” That remark just showed her true nature and concern for the disabled citizens of winter park! I have filed a complaint with the Federal Justice Dept, Dept of the Interior against Ms. Jackson and commissioners on this point.

  4. Return to sanity on city boards says

    Though not a fan of crushing govt regulations such as the A.D.A., I am a fan of civility, respect, kindness, empathy and safety in our parks. The sad truth is that some members of the commission and some WP board members have higher regard for trees, green space, power, control and touting their glorious, tireless records on these than they do for Winter Park citizens, WP businesses, & common sense. The welcome mat is long gone, but I do hope it might be placed outside City Hall again on March 9.

  5. Fuzzy Math says

    The tone of this exchange is consistent with that of my previous (albeit limited) interactions with the candidate; to wit, needlessly aggressive and churlish. I find it interesting that she chides Ms. Diaz’ mention of her profession, as the candidate is quick to cite her own when attempting to add gravitas to any argument she champions. One wonders if “I’m a Commissioner” will trump her J.D. in future confrontations.

    Do these lack of social skills lessen her ability to serve the citizens? Unknown. However, it bears mention that civility among commissioners is, again, an issue in this election.

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