Getting Together While Being Apart

Chris Cortez, guitarist and proprietor of Winter Park’s Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts (don’t forget Melody!), organized a remote recording session with friends. The result is their recording of Chris’s composition “Awakenings.” Click here for some musical enjoyment.

Please keep our Winter Park cultural organizations in our heart as we work our way through the current challenges. They can all use our social, emotional, and financial support.

Enjoy “Awakenings” by Chris Cortez and Friends.

One Response to Getting Together While Being Apart

  1. kim allen says:

    May I suggest dinner and a concert while we stay in place…order from a local restaurant (Chez Vincents, Armando’s, George’s, Prato or Luma, and many others…) listen to Blue Bamboo concert and then donate to a local nonprofit that promotes music ie. Blue Bamboo, Bach Choir, Winter Park High School Band…stay well