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Commission Increases Taxes 11.5%

Please ask the commissioners to explain their vote to increase your taxes:,,, Please send their responses:

On July 22, 2020 commission members Marty Sullivan, Todd Weaver, Sheila DeCiccio, and Carolyn Cooper voted to INCREASE your Winter Park property taxes by 11.5%. This will be an increase of $235 for a home assessed at $500,000. This increase will also lead to increased rents as landlords pass on the increased cost.

The commission will finalize the millage rate at their public meeting of September 23, 2020.

This commission has committed our city to unnecessary costs and risks while pursuing their personal agendas to our detriment.

  • Their rescission of the Orange Avenue Overlay codes prompted law suits that are consuming significant legal expense and whose outcome may force you and I to spend millions in settlement costs.
  • They committed several hundred thousand dollars of our money (so far) for consultants to plan restructuring of the Orange Avenue area without public process, presuming that you and I will pay millions to implement their personal plans. This behavior contrasts with years of public process leading to the initial approval of the Orange Avenue Overlay where improvements would have been paid for directly by the property owners and indirectly through increased city revenues resulting from related redevelopment (that now will not happen).
  • They invited friends, but no one else, to propose plans for Progress Point, directly avoiding an open public process.
  • And now, they vote to increase our taxes by 11.5% in the middle of a pandemic when you and I live with greater uncertainty about our finances, jobs and future.

Please ask the commissioners to explain their vote to increase your taxes:,,, Please send their responses to:

Regards, Pete Weldon

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