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Election 2011 – Lawyers or Leaders?

February 15, 2011

We have two lawyers and two leaders running for city commission.

Bonnie Jackson, a lawyer, is running against Sarah Sprinkel, an educator and administrator.

Scott Callahan, a lawyer, is running against Steve Leary, a businessman.

While the candidates have credible resumes, two have demonstrated the leadership skills and independent thinking that will move Winter Park in a responsible direction and fairly represent the full breadth of constituencies in our city.

I believe Scott Callahan would be a good commissioner but he clings unnecessarily to positions of the “Dillaha” camp, positions that have proven to have negative consequences for our city and our community. See my letter to Scott. Steve Leary has demonstrated much needed clarity in his positions and independent thinking on the issues.

I have great reservations about Bonnie Jackson and her ambitions. See my letter to Bonnie. Sarah Sprinkel has a lifetime of credible service in our local, regional, and state educational system and her tempered, reasoned approach is appreciated by many hundreds of Winter Park residents who have gotten to know her over nearly 40 years.

Above all, Winter Park needs leaders, not lawyers and litigators. I look forward to the common sense, critical thinking, and leadership skills Sarah Sprinkel and Steve Leary will bring to our city commission.

Let’s ask Steve Leary and Sarah Sprinkel to help us face our future. Please vote in the March 8th election.

Regards, Pete Weldon

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8 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says

    Leaders don’t vote for a personal pay raise. Excellent post and analysis with links to back up your positions. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous says

    Leary and Sprinkles have not been on any City Boards. Callahan and Jackson HAVE!!!

  3. Pete Weldon says

    I appreciate your effort to get your friends elected. I point out, however, that David Strong, Ken Bradley, Phil Anderson, and Karen Diebel (among our more recent members of the commission) were never on a city board to my knowledge before being elected.

    Board experience is indeed notable but not a prerequisite nor an indicator of qualifications or suitability to serve on the commission.

  4. Anonymous says

    Bonnie Jackson’s board experience has demonstrated to me she would not have the will of the citizens in mind when voting on issues if she were Commissioner. Anyone who has not seen her at Commission meetings has missed a telling demonstration. An advisory board does just that…researches and advises. It is then up to the Commission to take the board advice as well as the City Department. Her idea of consistency does not take into consideration any opinions outside of her own. Her Parks and Recreation Board experience has demonstrated much to me….that she is divisive and not to be trusted as a City Commissioner.

  5. Anonymous says

    I was first hand witness to Bonnie Jackson’s cruel intensions towards dog lovers and users of the Friends of Fleet Peeples Park. She was rude, arrogant and even filed false claims against a fellow WP resident that she was assulted. Bonnie DOES NOT have the best intentions for the good of Winter Park in mind and is not a nice human being. Sprinkel and Leary will get my vote. I urge ALL Winter Park Residents NOT to vote for Bonnie Jackson

  6. Anonymous says

    Callahan and Jackson have both served on Boards whose members that served with the two of them are choosing to support their opponents. Serving and serving well are two different things.

  7. Elizabeth says

    “Above all, Winter Park needs leaders, not lawyers and litigators. I look forward to the common sense, critical thinking, and leadership skills Sarah Sprinkel and Steve Leary will bring to our city commission.”

    Above all, Winter Park needs considerate, experienced Leaders who will guide our Community into the future. I trust Scott Callahan with that task. As someone who grew up in Winter Park and has a heart for this Community, my support is with him. I question Leary’s intentions which I believe are clearly routed for a future campaign; his heart is not in Winter Park. I’d also appreciate if his “camp” would not steal my Callahan yard signs for the 4th time. Most importantly is to vote this election.

  8. Pitt Warner says

    I’m supporting Steve Leary because he is against the dog fees (and I’m not a dog owner or lover), the pay raise commissioners voted for themselves in the midst of the biggest recession in 70 years while laying off city workers, freezing city pay and cutting worker benefits and Steve is willing to look at the supermajority voting issue. He also understands the job is a decision-making body, not a research arm of the city staff.

    I consider Steve’s broad experience from working and living in different parts of the country an asset. In today’s vocab, he has “diverse” experiences. And maybe I’m too liberal, but living, investing and paying taxes for 7 years in a community does not disqualify any person from office.

    Finally, I think both candidates are running for the good of the community. To try and divine why or why not someone runs for office is tricky.

    As to your sign problem, I say “amen.” Those people should be shot…….with a camera.

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